What Happens During Hardwood Floor Restoration?

In Illinois, restoration services are needed after natural disasters. The..

What Happens During Hardwood Floor Restoration?

In Illinois, restoration services are needed after natural disasters. The events often lead to flooding inside residential properties. This leads to damaged flooring due to excessive water. The exposure to water for a long duration produces extensive damage that weakens hardwood flooring. A local service provider performs hardwood floor restoration after a natural disaster.

Removal of Environmental Risks

Moist conditions lead to environmental risks. Mold and mildew develop on the hardwood floors. The developments must be removed and treated properly before further restoration steps are followed. This requires the technicians to use chemicals to kill off the mold and mildew. They will also use industrial cleaning products to clean away debris after the treatment is completed.

Creating a Smooth Surface

The next step is to create a smooth surface. The entire floor is sanded to create this surface. The technicians may use an electric sander for this process. Once all surfaces are smooth, the technicians clean up all debris left behind.

New Color and Stain

The property owner selects the stain or paints used to cover the wooden flooring. They have a variety of options from which to choose. The restoration team presents their options and shows them a sample of the finished product. This helps the owner determine if the color is right for their living space.

Sealing and Protecting the Wood

After the stain or paint dries, the restoration team applies a sealant onto the hardwood floor. The sealant protects against common conditions. This includes foot traffic, spills, and the elements. The sealant makes the flooring waterproof. This mitigates common risks that could damage the flooring permanently.

Filing an Insurance Claim

A service provider manages insurance claims for the property owner. They complete an estimate for all associated costs. The estimate and a full assessment of the damage are submitted to the insurance provider. This saves the property owner time and effort.

In Illinois, hardwood flooring restoration is available after a natural disaster. The service provider mitigates risks for homeowners. The risks include mold and mildew developments as well as weakened support. Property owners who want to schedule restoration services visit delawarehardwoods.com right now.