Study: My Understanding of Surveyors

Advantages Of Using Advanced Surveying Equipment. When it comes to..

Study: My Understanding of Surveyors

Advantages Of Using Advanced Surveying Equipment.

When it comes to surveying, land surveyors know that the equipment they use is essential. Surveying instruments have come a long way since the very first surveys were done.

Today the tools that are employed in surveying gear are mostly computerized. In most of these tools, the basics have not changed, but they have become advanced into technology. Some of the advancements include the use of lasers and satellites instead of the original strings.

The original survey tools have not been discarded. The revolution that they have gone Is that they have been made digital. The surveying industry is supplying new versions of surveying tools or upgrading the old ones into the modern age. Electronic measuring devices are taking the place of the theodolites. These electronic measuring devices are termed as total stations and are linked to a computer through software which will help to store the recorded data. This ensures that the results will be correct as they are not subject to human error.

It is not just the drylands that are benefiting from the updates in the surveying equipment but also the underwater surveys are also benefitting from the new technologies. Sonar is no longer the surveying equipment that is used for the underwater surveys. modern hydrographic survey equipment are being applied for mapping the underwater terrain.
GPS is one of the most prompted survey tools. In some situations, GPS equipment is the most appropriate way of taking survey information. However there are certain areas where the use of GPS machine is almost impossible, and these are areas such as thick forests. It is preferred since survey can be done even without a complete line of sight. The only important thing when using the GPS tool is the ability to access satellite.

Tripod is one of the surveying equipment that has not changed much. Tripods do come in a variety of styles and materials. The most common materials that are used include aluminium, fiberglass, and wood. The fact that they have three legs makes them get the name tripod. They are usable with much other surveying equipment. There are advantages and disadvantages of using each type of tripod. Aluminium and wood can be hard to use in extremely cold and wet weather while the fiberglass tripod can be quite heavy.

These are some of the main but not all of the new surveying tools that are being used today. When you visit reputable surveying equipment dealers, you will get many more options that you can choose from. Although most of the basics are the same the computer age has created a new bigger world for surveys. This has increased the reliability of the survey results. The data that is obtained from the advanced survey tools is much far much ahead from the old tools.

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