How to use Touch ID on MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

The days where only iPhones had Touch ID are long gone. For a few years now, all MacBook Pro and MacBook Air and even the iMac models come with Touch ID built in the keyboard. If you’re new to Mac, setting up Touch ID will only take a moment, but it’ll make a huge difference in your everyday life. 

How does Touch ID work?

How does Touch ID work? (Image credit: iMore)

Touch ID on MacBook is the name of Apple’s fingerprint identity sensor. It’s a form of biometric security that’s meant to be more convenient than entering a passcode or password, especially on iPhones and iPads, which we use dozens of times a day. You can register up to five fingerprints on the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, with a maximum of three fingerprints per user account.

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