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Qualifications Of Becoming An Egg Donor

Raising children is the most fulfilling job one can ever do in their lifetime. A recent study has shown that twenty percent of couples cannot bear kids and it is not by choice rather they are unable to do so. The couples who cannot bear kids opt for assisted reproduction. There are different options if you want to help these couples who have been denied the chance to be parents by fate.

You can choose to be a surrogate mother so as to help couples without children have the opportunity to have a kid of their own. Being a surrogate mother is beneficial in a number of ways. Firstly, choosing to carry a baby to term is the most humanly noble thing you can do to a couple without children, this can allow you to have a sense of self-fulfillment. There are women out there who love the experience of being pregnant, as weird as that might sound. They are amazed by the wonders of pregnancy, and they want to have the feeling over again. Being a surrogate you get to help another couple and at the same time do a humane act.

If a surrogate mother is not carrying the baby for financial gain, it is referred to as altruistic surrogacy, but they get refunded the money they use for pregnancy expenses and delivery after which they are not given a dime. But, there are surrogates who get lots of money to carry to term and give birth to a child that may be related to them or not.

In such a situation, it is referred to as commercial surrogacy. Surrogacy is a technique that consumes time, is physically strenuous and emotional too. Thus, before becoming a surrogate mother, you have to go through thorough mental and physical health examination.

Reputable surrogate agencies administer and facilitate screening sessions and offer legal and counseling as well. There is a sense of pride for women who choose to donate their eggs to help a couple who has been struggling to have children. The same as surrogacy, not all women have the ability to donate their eggs. Different donation institutions use specific criteria to choose who donates eggs and who is not supposed to. They should be between the ages of twenty-one to thirty-five years.

Chances of success are high if the donor has successfully donated in the past or given birth, that is why these agencies prefer such candidates. You will have to do medical visits before being taken for the programs. It includes things like psychological and physical check-ups.

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